"Clumber Spaniels are big huggybears with a golden heart!"

Companionway's Taking No Bull


Companionway's Taking No Bull

Born: 11-9-2007

Father    : Welladay's Wild West
Mother : Companionway's Model-T

Pedigree Katie

Katie is born in the Companionway's kennel on Rhode Islands in the USA.
She came to us via a accidental meeting we had with Constance Holt in Shawnee.
This was during the annual National and Regional from the Clumber Spaniel Club America.
Toon was introduced to Constance by Marc Wynn from the Brimwaja Lodge kennel from Netherland. He knew her a bit longer.

Katie is born from a father who strains from the Welladay's breed
wich found his origin in Zweden at Marie Louise Almgren.
This kennel brought for us the most beautifull Clumbers in the world some years ago.

We gave Constance sperm from Doodles in exchange for that she brought us Katie in 2009, Katie was a pay back in this situation.

We are very proud at this Clumber girl who gave us the start to officialy register our kennelname Wyclydo's.
We hope to get more pleassure from Katie.

Soon she will be taken by Doodles and secretly we hope to get ourself a sweet little bitch from that nest.

~ - ~