"Clumber Spaniels are big huggybears with a golden heart!"

Wymeswold Heart Beat


Wymeswold Heartbeat

Born: 14 April 2005
Died: 12 December 2010

Father    : Wymeswold Clyde Doodles
Mother : Wymeswold Surprise Party

Pedigree Jewel

Jewel is born from a combination of Doodles en Sally.
For us Jewel was a marvelous dog in meaning house dog, at shows he was great in: being mentaly absent and behaving crazy.
He didn't liked shows but at home he was a true companion with a huge hugg level.

In the field he was the man and he also liked it very much to play with our daughter Chairmain who used him sometimes as a pony.
She let's him do crazy things and also dressage with him wich he enjoyed a lot.
He thought he was the most important one of our 3 clumbers and to be honest he has a very special place in our hearts.

Jewel is not a NL Champion but he will stay our champion for ever.

This clown will stay in our heart and we wish all clumber owners a dog like Jewel.

~ - ~